Meet The Dogs

I thought I would introduce my dogs to you, because they will be around here quite frequently! Side note: I enjoy forcing my dogs into clothes for photo shoots!

Bear: [almost] 9 year old Great Dane. He is quite the clown, and loves having his ears scratched!


Macy: 9 year old Whippet – my first whippet and she completely hooked me on the breed!

Spin: [almost] 6 year old Dalmatian. Dalmatians were my first breed when I started showing dogs. I love the breed and can’t see myself without one!

Gin: [almost] 5 year Whippet. She is loving the fact I promised her she would never have to enter the show ring once she finished her championship!


Seth: 3 year old Whippet. He has my heart, and he has introduced me to the wonderful world of performance events (Rally and Obedience).

Abby: 2 year old whippet. She’s a spunky little girl and is currently in the show ring!

4 thoughts on “Meet The Dogs

  1. Kathy

    Love the pup pics. I knew the Whippets but not the Dal or Great Dane. My, you have companionship in all sizes! Lovely crew, and so much fun!!


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