Never Happier for Thursday

I’ve never been happier for a Thursday to get here. Tuesday ended up being about a 12 hour day at work. I didn’t get home until 8 pm. Wednesday brought an early appointment at work, so I was up an hour earlier than usual to be at work an hour and a half earlier than normal.

Monday’s workouts went as planned, as did Tuesday mornings. Yoga didn’t happen Tuesday night, and my scheduled workout didn’t happen Wednesday morning – even though I got up earlier, I just ran out of time. I did get yesterday mornings workout in this morning, and have yoga planned. I went to bed earlier last night and probably will tonight as well, simply because I’ve learned my body, and after a little less sleep and a little more stress, I know my body needs a little extra care.


Next week is another long week with 7 appointments on Tuesday and 5 on Wednesday. We only currently have in-person appointments these days each week because my boss lives 2+ hours away, so he comes to down on Tuesday and leaves Wednesday. It is tough because it makes for some very long days. It also sucks to sit in one place during those days – but I keep the ultimate goal in my mind, and I know that one day I’ll be dictating my schedule!

Speaking of plans. I’m working on one of my own that include a few long-term goals like being debt free and a large trip for my 35th birthday. I am planning to make a vision board with my goals, so I can see it daily and stay motivated! I’m a visual person, and like to see my goals and motivation around! I’ll share pictures when I’m done!



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