Weekend At A Glance #2

Happy Monday friends! Today was more like a Sunday for me, as I had a three day weekend. I had a doctor’s appointment mid-day, and I just took the entire day off.

But let’s back up to Saturday. Early Saturday included a trip to a local fall festival in a nearby little town. It has become a tradition for me, my sister, and my grandparents to all meet up and enjoy the morning together. I always enjoy spending time with my grandparents, and now that I’m fully immersed into adulthood, it just doesn’t happen frequently enough these days! I didn’t buy anything except a couple of jars of jelly – one grape, and one strawberry blueberry. I have tried both, and they are very tasty! I also saw some friends that I hadn’t seen in a while, and a few clients from work!

The rest of Saturday included starting a new craft. I have been wanting to find something where I can make something while enjoying a little bit of alone time when I need to escape from reality for a while. So, enter sewing. My mom has been making quilts recently, including one for me, and I decided that I wanted to try sewing something. But I knew that I needed something small and simple. I went with her to a fabric store Saturday around lunch and found a pattern for placemats, so I picked that up. I got the first one made Saturday evening, and the only thing left to do is bind the back of it.


Sunday I spent some more time with my sister and we met a friend for lunch and to meet her horse, Joey. I hadn’t seen Sarah in some time, so it was nice to catch up, and to finally meet Joey, who was born this spring. I ended Sunday sewing some more, and was able to finish the other three placemat tops. I just need to pin them, quilt them, and do the binding. Ideally, they will be ready for use after next weekend, but we’ll see.


And today involved some dog training time and a doctors appointment. I’ve felt like my work/life balance has been tipped more towards work lately, so I decided to take today off knowing I was going to be about 10 minutes away from my training facility, and I have a trial coming up in a few weeks, so we need the training time. So Seth and I left this morning around 9:15, trained for about 35 minutes, and I headed to the doctor. Seth was a trooper, and didn’t chew my car seat while I was in the doctor. He can be a chewer, and with his crate just in my tiny backseat, he is right up against both the front and back seats. But the weather was nice with a breeze in the 50s, so he was quite comfortable to nap in the car with the windows cracked today.

My doctors appointment went fine. I have to go for labs to have my thyroid numbers checked since we altered my dosage a couple of months ago. And he checked my ears, nose, throat, and listened to my lungs since I’ve had my cough for over a month now. No infection, just inflammation due to allergies. So, I’ll start a nasal spray (which I absolutely hate) and hope that helps until we start getting good freezes to kill all of the weeds! We are due to have a frost tonight, so hopefully it will be soon!

Speaking of the weather, today has been magical. It has been in the 50s all day, with a breeze. It is cool, but I was able to throw on a long-sleeved tee and a vest, and I was a happy girl! Now we just need all of the days to be like this!


How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun? Are you a fan of fall weather?

2 thoughts on “Weekend At A Glance #2

  1. Kathy

    What a productive weekend you had! I hope the results from your thyroid tests are good. All the diet and exercise you have done should make a positive difference. I’m with you in the defective thyroid boat, and I am happy to report that for the first time in over a year, my last results were finally good and I am feeling human again (or at least my hair has stopped falling out!).
    In the pic it looks like you have been sewing for years, and before long it will feel like that to you, too. This past weekend I also did some sewing, making progress on my quilt top. You may have seen the “before” pic on Facebook a few months ago (a magazine photo of the finished product, and stacks of fabric). I am hand-piecing it (because I love-love-love to hand sew), and have it about 20% done at this point. It will be near king size when finished, and the largest quilt I’ve ever made.
    On the obedience front, I’m happy to see you out with Seth. He makes you so happy and I know you enjoy working with him. He is such a character!! Sparkle rocked it in class on Saturday. She is FINALLY starting to sit automatically, or at least she did on Saturday. As you know, when working with Whippets everything is optional and at their discretion. LOL
    After all this I have to say I’m starting to think that you are my daughter from another mother, we are so alike. That’s very cool, at least to me. Guess it goes to show that age is a mindset, being older or younger, and the only boundaries between are the ones we make ourselves.
    Have a happy week, and I’ll watch for the next weekend update!


    1. I really enjoyed being able to make something! My goal will be a quilt, but until then, I’ll keep making smaller things to get better about straight lines šŸ™‚ No idea that we were fellow sufferers of the dreaded thyroid disease – my hair falls out a lot, but I think part of it is where I wear it in a hair tie most of the time. I’m excited to make our debut in obedience – although Seth’s new thing is laying down on the sit when I walk away from him (the sit stay while I walk around the ring in beginner novice). So, he may NQ in a few weeks, but we will still have fun, and I still get to take home my favorite boy! And it does sound like we are a lot a like! Hope to see you at a show/trial soon!


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