Weekend At A Glance #3

Happy Monday Friends! This past weekend was probably the lowest key weekend I could ask for! Some time with my sister, and a lot of time with my dogs! Doesn’t get much better than that!

Saturday started off at 5:30 with the wake-up call from the dogs. It is crazy how fast they can get used to waking up early. Although, I’m thankful it isn’t 4:30 – that was there wake-up time about a month ago, and they finally realized it is staying darker longer. My parents left early for their vacation for the week. I live at home because of student loan debt, which is okay. I used to be ashamed that I was “that millennial” that still lived at home, but it works. They have a house and animal sitter when they go on vacation, and I have the same. I digress….


After they left, I took a little nap, and woke up to Toby, the Eclectus, playing with part of a toy that he is slowly chipping away at. Side note: Toby has picked me as his person, and we have conversations back and forth. Once I was good and awake, I bathed 5 of the dogs. I really need a raised dog tub, because bending over the people tub is rough on the back. But they are clean, and smell good, at least for a day or so!

I met my sister for a late-ish lunch on Saturday, and was parked under this super colorful tree. We only have a week left in October, and we are only just now starting to see major fall color changes.


After lunch, my sister and I hung out for a couple of hours before heading out to a Mary Kay party. Last weekend at the fall festival, I entered a drawing for a gift certificate and actually won. I have super sensitive and acne prone skin, so I don’t use many products, especially not pricey ones, so I’ve never tried Mary Kay before. After trying some samples, I decided to buy a skin care set, since I had the gift certificate, so we will see if my skin reacts negatively. When we were leaving, the sky was showing off.


Saturday ended with a small bowl of dairy free vanilla and peanut butter ice cream – it was the Breyers brand made with almond milk. And Macy insisted that I share with her. I did, and I let her be a bed dog Saturday night.


Sunday started at about 6 am with the dogs waking up to be fed. Once that was done, I went ahead and headed to the grocery store. Side note: you pretty much have the store to yourself at 7:15 on a Sunday morning. I may make that my thing – I followed the guy from the meats department as he was marking down items, many of which where on my list! Just in meats, I saved about $25!

Once the errands for the day were complete, Toby got his weekly shower – he loves the water and just flaps around in the tub and shakes his tail feathers. Calvin, the other bird, is vacationing at the pet store in town this week. After living with us for almost 3 months, he still hasn’t warmed up to me, aka, he is 100% attached to my dad.

The rest of Sunday included a lot of dog time and naps all around. With the stress of last week, fatigue caught up with me a little this weekend, so I gave my body some of what it needed.

Then, about 6 pm, I remembered I hadn’t prepped my lunches for the week, so I threw together the ingredients for a meatloaf, and it was done in about 45 minutes. I’ll share that recipe this week!


Sunday afternoon and evening, while laying around and doing close to nothing, I watched 3 of the Hunger Games movies that were on TV. Then I ended the night with the premiere of The Walking Dead – it was definitely an action packed episode!

I thoroughly enjoyed my fairly lazy weekend, especially Sunday! I have another packed week at work this weekend, so some R&R was much appreciated!

How was your weekend?

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