Friday Things

Happy Friday! This has been an incredibly long week, and I’m so glad the weekend is upon us!

Monday was a good day. We had a full day of phone calls at work for quarterly portfolio changes, and I was able to lead all of the calls – granted they literally take 5 minutes or less to go over changes – but I made it through without any significant brain fog or anxiety! Monday night, however, was a very different story. We got some rain throughout the day, but nothing major. At around 4:30, the skies opened and it poured for the next three hours. We probably got about two inches of rain during that time. I live in an old house and some of the basement walls are partially dirt, so when we get a lot of rain at once, we flood. And the dog room is in the basement, so if we don’t stay on top of the water, or if the power goes out, they potentially get water in their room. The water had just started coming in when I got home, and 30 minutes later 1.5 rooms (of 3) were full. So I spent my evening wet vacuuming and sweeping water towards the sump pump.


I woke up Tuesday, after about 4 hours of sleep with a headache and feeling very groggy. The grogginess lasted all day. I felt like I had drank NyQuil for breakfast! I didn’t do any meetings on Tuesday or Wednesday. And my feelings weren’t hurt. It was my choice, and it was nice to not be anxious all day. Stay tuned for a post about my thoughts on my anxiety in the next few days.

Last night, I spent some time working on Seth’s sit-stay. We have our obedience trial next weekend, and the only thing that could possibly be a problem is his sit-stay while I walk around the ring. He likes to lay down when I walk away from him, so that is what our training is focusing on in the near future! Last night he did well, and held his sit even when I went out of sight! Then we had some cuddle time, which is my favorite! And I’m trying to figure out how to teach him to use the hand broom he apparently loved 🙂

That’s all I have for now! Happy Friday and Happy Weekend!

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