Photography Adventures

Hi Friends! Long time no chat! Last week was crazy at work and time just got away from me. I’m on vacation this week, so I’ve been doing All.The.Things. It started with a couple night trip to the Smokies with my sister and brother-in-law. We headed down early Saturday morning and stayed until Monday. It included a little shopping (for them) and a day with nature and my camera (for me). I love that I don’t get cell service in the national park, because it really is nice to fully disconnect, even if only for several hours. No constant desire to check social media or e-mails. Just time spent with nature and one another!

They had never been, so I wanted to give them a taste of the park, while still letting them do things they want to do, which ended up being a little more town stuff, which was perfectly fine! I ended up buying a few things, and finished up the last of my Christmas shopping!

Photography wise, it was a pretty good day! The highlight was seeing a Great Blue Heron! I had never been able to capture one with my camera, and this one was close! We also saw several deer, though no bucks this trip. I had hoped to go to the highest elevations of the park, but the higher elevations got snow on Friday night, so the roads were closed. But there were a lot of pretty pictures to be had with snow-capped mountains! Here are a few of my favorite shots from last weekend.

DoeDoe 2GBH 1GBH 2GBH 3GBH 4Landscap 2Landscape 1

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