Thanksgiving, Crafts, and Hallmark Movies

Sadly, my week off has come to an end, and it is back to work tomorrow. The week was much needed! I started it in the mountains, and ended it with Hallmark Christmas movies and time with the pets! In between I worked on crafts, watched even more Hallmark movies, and enjoyed Thanksgiving with my family!

Thanksgiving was nice. My youngest sister and brother-in-law where at the house for lunch. They napped after we ate – knowing there are only 5 of us, my mom still picks the most giant turkey that she can – this year it was about 24 lbs. My older sister came in on Friday and spent the weekend. It was nice to catch up and spend time with them!

My mom and I have decided to start a small side gig together with crafts – I’ve decided I really like it! This week I made one set of reversible placemats and coasters that will be a Christmas gift, and we made 3 sets that we have listed for sale. I’ve been trying to get my creative juices flowing to think of other things I can attempt to make. Our goal for next fall is to be able to set up at a few craft fairs and local fall festivals!

My mom had an existing Etsy Store, so for now, they will go in there, as well as on Facebook. Here are a couple of pictures of the placemats we made this week – there would have been more, but I ran out of interfacing!



I love the blue/white/silver for an alternative to traditional Christmas colors. And I love the Gingerbread Men paired with the white/black/gold leaf/pinecone pattern! I also really love that they are reversible, so you can change up things as often as you want!

And as I finish up this post, much of my evenings have been spent watching Hallmark Christmas movies. All Hallmark Christmas movies have the same plot – person loses their holiday spirit, goes somewhere with a name like “Garland” or “Mistletoe”, meets the love of their life, and lives happily ever after. Despite that, I still watch them! So, that is what I’m doing now as I wind down my week off, and prepare to head back to work tomorrow.

One thought on “Thanksgiving, Crafts, and Hallmark Movies

  1. vickie eckard

    Good Job Heather!! Glad you enjoyed your week off and got some down time. We watch Hallmark movies here too LOL. I have not been too impressed with the new ones, except “The Christmas Train.” That one has a surprise twist at the end I thought was cute. As a retirement gift to myself I got an embroidery sewing machine, which I have wanted for years. Have been busy learning all it can do. I am loving it. Sewing can be a wonderful thing, eh?


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